The Best Tips from a Pest Control Professional

When it comes to pest control, it’s always better to start early and be consistent. But sometimes, it’s all about quality over quantity and choosing the best solution for your pest problem.

To do this, we also need to make sure we’re getting the right information from experienced individuals and experts.

Thankfully, this article will get you started and provide you with professional pest control tips. So, here are some of the best professional pest control tips you should know:

1. Seal cracks and holes.


You’d be surprised how even large pests can fit into even the narrowest gap. As per the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, “Gaps of 1/16 inch or less will permit entry of insects and spiders; 1/4 inch-wide gaps (the diameter of a pencil) is large enough for entry of mice; 1/2 inch gaps are adequate for rats.”

To make sure that pests won’t be able to penetrate your home, the only thing you need to do is to seal their entry points. It’s that simple!

The most simple thing you can do is to install door sweeps. For small cracks, fill them with a pipe sealant or caulk.

Remember that even small cracks and crevices are big enough to accommodate a bed bug colony, let alone a large hole.

2. Use heat treatment. 

use heat treatment

Almost most of the time, it’s impossible to check every corner of the house for any pest infestations. Sometimes, they’re just too small or hidden that it’s impossible to effectively locate them. It’s hard and time-consuming!

If only there was a more efficient way to do this, right? You also don’t want to inhale strong and harmful chemicals inside your home, perhaps a method that’s chemical-free? Well, this is what heat treatment is designed for.

Insects like bed bugs are very sensitive to heat. These creatures won’t even survive when exposed to a temperature of 113°F for long periods.

Another good thing about heat treatment services like bed bug heat treatment is that they don’t take much of your time! This method will only take a couple of hours to complete. Fast and efficient.

3. Dispose of unused items. 

dispose unused items

A good rule of thumb is that pests create unsanitary conditions and, in turn, a messy environment also attracts more pests! While we see clutter as garbage, pests see it as an ideal habitat. Rodents and cockroaches love lurking in cramped and less visited areas, such as the garage or attic.

Maintaining a clean environment is one of the most simple and effective ways of preventing pest infestations. Once you deprive pests of their shelter and food and water source, they’re more than willing to bid their goodbyes.

4. Clean drains. 

Clean drains

Cockroaches crawling out from drains is commonplace. If you think about it, drain pipes provide both their water source and shelter.

Drain covers are helpful in blocking the cockroaches’ entryways and exit points. If the problem persists, you can effectively eliminate cockroaches that are living in your drain pipes without the help of strong and expensive chemicals.

Pour a mixture of baking soda and vinegar down the drain and let it do its magic. This will not only help with your cockroach situation but also remove any foul smell coming from your drain pipes. Placing a handful of baking soda near areas with cockroach activity is also as effective.

Once ingested by the cockroaches, the baking soda will produce gas in their stomach causing it to rupture.

5. Ask for professional pest control help. 

ask for professional pest control help

Bear in mind that there’s never a universal solution for your problems. Especially when it comes to pest control, sometimes you need professional reinforcement on your journey to having a pest-proof home.

Pest control is sometimes difficult to plan especially when you have a tight schedule. So don’t be afraid to consult your local pest control expert and entrust the demanding tasks to them!

Paying for pest control services is not just about settling the professional fees. You also benefit from the professional experience and expertise of pest control experts. In turn, you are paying for convenience and comfort, knowing that your home is pest-free and safe from germs and diseases.

Choose quality over quantity

Sometimes, it gets overwhelming when you search for a simple solution for your pest problem yet you get bombarded with hundreds of related articles and videos over the Internet. 

It’s normal! With a little bit of time and practice, you’ll get used to the process. As long as you’re getting the right information from the right place, you’ll develop an effective pest control approach that’s right for your current situation.

Pest control is a complicated and tedious task. Always remember that seeking professional help is never a weakness and will only just benefit you in the long run.


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