Winter is Coming: Overwintering Pests Approaching

Overwintering Pests are Coming

Fall has finally come, and in a few days, winter will set in. With the Holiday Season just around the corner, we want our homes to be as warm and cozy as possible. However, we are not the only ones that seek a warm shelter during winter.

Some pests will start seeking warmer shelters as soon as the first sign of the cold night air shifts to colder temperatures. We call them overwintering bugs. They invade your home to survive the winter season and to continue their species.

Overwintering Pests: How to Identify

These kinds of pests are comfortably drawn to the warmth of your house as winter comes. The most common and annoying of these are:

  1. Asian Lady Beetle – we can effortlessly identify these bugs by their unique color patterns. These vary from solid orange, orange with black spots to red with black spots.
  2. Brown Marmorated Stink Bug – adult stink bugs are larger than those of the more native stink bugs. They have a mixed color of brown, dark red, and black on the dorsal surface, with a beige or cream-colored ventral surface punctuated with metallic green markings on the ventral thorax.
  3. Boxelder Bug – an adult boxelder bug is approximately 1/2-inch long, has black with orange or red markings, including three stripes on the area right behind the head.
  4. Elm Leaf Beetle – can be identified by their olive-green patterns with black, longitudinal stripes along the margin and center of the back. They are approximately 1/4-inch long.
  5. Cluster Fly – have dull grayish-brown with yellow hairs on the thorax. They are slow-moving and frequent indoor windows in the winter.

You’ll see these bugs flock or start closing in on homes during fall. When the nights are cold and the days grow shorter. Most of them will cling to your house walls in numbers. Looking for small crevices to get into your house. If they indeed got through, that’s also one indication that your home has an opening where other pests can gain entry.

How to Deal with Overwintering Pests

Prevention is the key. Before the first frost sets in, you should call your local pest control service provider to check the perimeter of your house. They have a few methods that are very effective in preventing the invasion of overwintering pests to your home. Some will even suggest that they also treat your house itself to prevent those who will get through the first line of defense. However, most methods are very successful in repelling these bugs. So it’s up to you if you need the extra protection set up.

Now, sometimes defenses fail, or that we missed a spot and the insects successfully invaded your house. What can you do? There are some DIY methods like spot cleaning. Where you’ll treat the area where you see the bugs are hiding. Although effective, you could get overwhelmed by the number of insects that have gone through.

You’ll need an expert’s touch on dealing with your unwanted friends. Don’t worry. Let your local pest controller know about your dilemma, and they’ll be happy to give you the support you need to get rid of them.

Stay Warm this Winter

Overwintering pests are not dangerous to us, but they are most often annoying and also a sign that your house needs patching up. Knowing how and when to look for these pests can also help you plan ahead. By doing so, you’ll be able to protect your house from annoying pests over the holidays and enjoy the season stress-free.

If you want to know more about this topic, ask a pest control expert. They have tons of advice and articles on how to properly defend your house from overwintering pests. With that in mind—keep safe and stay warm this coming winter!

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